Registration Guidelines

Conference registration has already commenced. Please click here to access the online conference registration system.

The registration rates are shown in the table below:






USD $650
(SGD $993.20)

USD $700
(SGD $1069.60)

USD $750
(SGD $1146.00)


USD $450
(SGD $687.60)

USD $500
(SGD $764.00)

USD $550
(SGD $840.40)


USD $750
(SGD $1146.00)

USD $800
(SGD $1222.40)

USD $850
(SGD $1298.80)

Please take note that:

  • All USD amounts are before taxes, and SGD amounts include taxes.
  • For registration under the "Academic" category, an additional non-member processing fee of USD $25 (SGD $38.20) will be charged if you are not a member of AIS.
  • Early registration deadline is May 31, 2015.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

As per the conference policy, cancellation and refund is not allowed i.e., no amount will be refunded

If you have any questions regarding conference registration, please contact the PACIS 2015 Conference Secretariat.