1. Economics of IS

2. Knowledge Management

Title: Understanding Knowledge Transfer in Enterprise System Assimilation: The Critical Role of Socialization Tactics

Authors: Weiwei Wang,Qing Hu, Luning Liu, Yuqiang Feng and Ming Yang

Title: Knowledge Transfer in IS Offshoring: Processes, Roles, and Success Factors

Authors: Artur Strasser and Markus Westner

Title: Evaluating Information Systems for Collaborative Wellness

Authors: John F. Rose, Igor Hawryszkiewycz and Kyeong Kang

Title: Social Identification Mediated Interdependence Designs for Team Knowledge Sharing

Authors: Yan Yu, Jin-Xing Hao and Xiao-Ying Dong

Title: Perception Model to Analyze Football Players' Performances

Authors: Usman M. Khan, Zain Kabir and Asad W. Malik

Title: The Trend and Intellectual Structure of Digital Archives Research

Authors: Fang-Ming Hsu, Chun-Min Lin and Chiu-Tsu Fan

Title: Developing a Theory of Knowledge Identification Effectiveness in Knowledge Management

Authors: William Newk-Fon Hey Tow, John R Venable and Peter Dell

Title: Understanding the Factors Influencing Physicians’ Knowledge Transfer Success

Authors: Shin-Yuan Hung, Yu-Wen Huang and Yen-Ting Chou

Title: An Empirical Investigation of Knowledge Withholding in Virtual Community

Authors: Xiao-Liang Shen, Wen-Bo Gan, Yongqiang Sun and Nan Wang

3. Business Intelligence/Analytics

Title: An Effective Friend Recommendation Method Using Learning to Rank and Social Influence

Authors: Shun-Yuan Shih, Meng Lee and Chien Chin Chen

Title: Constrained Clustering Based on the Link Structure of a Directed Graph

Authors: Yinghui Yang, Zijie Qi, Hongyan Liu and Jun He

Title: Management Objectives and Design Principles for the Cost Allocation of Business Intelligence

Authors: Johannes Epple, Stefan Bischoff and Stephan Aier

Title: Applying Technological Resource-Based View for Strategic Alliance Formation Prediction

Authors: Chih-Ping Wei, Chin-Sheng Yang, Chih-Hung Peng, Hao-Fan Wang and Chun-Mao Chang

Title: Semantic Frame-Based Approach for Reader-Emotion Detection

Authors: Yung-Chun Chang, Cen-Chieh Chen and Wen-Lian Hsu

Title: Stock Analysts Vs. The Crowd: A Study on Mutual Prediction

Authors: Matthias Eickhoff and Jan Muntermann

Title: Making Task Recommendations in Crowdsourcing Contests

Authors: Jiahui Mo, Sumit Sarkar and Syam Menon

Title: Will Your Project Get the Green Light? Predicting the Success of Crowdfunding Campaigns

Authors: Shih-Ying Chen, Ching-Ning Chen, Yu-Ren Chen, Chih-Wei Yang, Wan-Ching Lin and Chih-Ping Wei

Title: A Method for the Construction and Application of the Term Hierarchy Relationship Residing in Relevance Feedback

Authors: Shihchieh Chou, Zhangting Dai, Xinyi Liu and Yi-Siang Lin

Title: Taxonomy Development for Complex Emerging Technologies - The Case of Business Intelligence and Analytics on the Cloud

Authors: Odette Sangupamba Mwilu, Nicolas Prat and Isabelle Comyn-Wattiau

4. Cultural and Global Issues in IS

5. IT Project Management and Outsourcing

6. Social Media and Business Impact

Title: Role of Social Media on Information Accessibility

Authors: Farzana Parveen, Noor Ismawati Jaafar and Ainin Sulaiman

Title: Corporate Credit Risk Analysis Utilizing Textual User Generated Content - A Twitter Based Feasibility Study

Authors: Aaron Mengelkamp, Sebastian Hobert and Matthias Schumann

Title: Enhancing Creativity or Wasting Time?: The Mediating Role of Adaptability on Social Media-Job Performance Relationship

Authors: Xi Zhang, Yang Gao, Hui Chen, Yongqiang Sun and Patricia Ordenaz de Pablos

Title: Evaluating Social CRM Performance: An Organizational Perspective

Authors: Torben Küpper, Alexander Wieneke, Tobias Lehmkuhl and Reinhard Jung

Title: Technology Use of Social Media within Customer Relationship Management: An Organizational Perspective

Authors: Torben Küpper, Tobias Lehmkuhl, Alexander Wieneke and Reinhard Jung

Title: Zuckerbergs or Luddites? The Use of Social Media by Senior Executives in the Banking Industry

Authors: Alexander Leben, Lesley A. Gardner and Michael D. Myers

Title: Do Social Media Efforts Matter for a Firm's Bottom Line? Evidence from Facebook

Authors: Sunghun Chung, Animesh Animesh, Kunsoo Han and Alain Pinsonneault

Title: A Classification Based Framework to Predict Viral Threads

Authors: Hashim Sharif, Saad Ismail,Shehroze Farooqi, Mohammad Taha Khan, Muhammad Ali Gulzar, Hasnain Lakhani, Fareed Zaffar and Ahmed Abbassi

Title: Implications of User Generated Content on Facebook

Authors: Jayan Chirayath Kurian

Title: Customer and Firm Interactions on Social Media

Authors: Hamidreza Shahbaznezhad and Arvind K Tripathi

Title: What Triggers Sharing in Viral Marketing? The Role of Emotion and Social Feature

Authors: Boying Li, Alain Yee Loong Chong and Eugene Ch'Ng

Title: Impact of IT Infrastructure on Customer Service Performance: The Role of Micro-IT Capabilities and Online Customer Engagement

Authors: Jessica Braojos-Gomez, Jose Benitez-Amado and F. Javier Llorens-Montes

Title: Cross-Promotion in Social Media: Choosing the Right Allies

Authors: Tingting Song and Qian Tang

7. IT and open innovation – Theme Track

Title: An Integrated Framework for E-Commerce Cloud Service Level Agreement

Authors: Abdelsalam H. Busalim and Ab Razak Che Hussin

Title: Utilizing the Crowd – A Literature Review on Factors influencing Crowdsourcing Initiative Success

Authors: Tristan Rechenberger,Verena M.E. Jung,Nikolaus Schmidt and Christoph Rosenkranz

Title: The Generative Capacity of Digital Artifacts: A Mapping of the Field

Authors: Alexander Eck, Falk Uebernickel and Walter Brenner

Title: Developing an Information System for Nursing in Acute Care Contexts

Authors: Lemai Nguyen, Peter Haddad, Hoda Moghimi, Kimberley Coleman, Bernice Redley, Mari Botti and Nilmini Wickramasinghe

Title: Evaluating Open Data Innovation: A Measurement Model for Digital Innovation Contests

Authors: Workneh Ayele,Anders Hjalmarsson, Paul Johannesson and Gustaf Juell-Skielse

Title: A Cultural Comparison of Open Innovation in Online Brand Communities

Authors: Seppo Pahnila and Karin Väyrynen

Title: Open Data Diffusion for Service Innovation: An Inductive Case Study on Cultural Open Data Services

Authors: Giovanni Maccani, Brian Donnellan and Markus Helfert

Title: Opening Embedded Systems for Open Innovation

Authors: Constantin Soeldner, Angela Roth and Kathrin Moeslein

Title: The Role of Innovation Intermediaries in Collaborative Networks of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Authors: Kristijan Mirkovski, Paul Benjamin Lowry, Frederik Von Briel and Libo Liu

Title: Education Cloud Maturity Code

Authors: Sivakumar Chitra,Ron C.W Kwok,Clara Choi Ki Wong and Terence C.H. Cheung

Title: Local Government Interventions for Facilitating SME IT Innovation

Authors: Gaye Deegan, Anisha T.J. Fernando and Greg Ratsch

8. Green IT/IS and Sustainability

Title: Influence Processes for Practicing Green Information Technology: Elaboration Likelihood Model

Authors: Mohammad Dalvi Esfahani, Azizah Abdul Rahman and Nor Hidayati Zakaria

Title: Food Hubs in Australia: Benefits, Challenges and Potential IT Contributions

Authors: Sherah Kurnia, Serenity Hill, Md Mahbubur Rahim, Kirsten Larsen and Patrice Braun

9. IS Security and Privacy

Title: Optimal Information Security Expenditures Considering Budget Constraints

Authors: Andreas Schilling and Brigitte Werners

Title: SEC-TOE Framework: Exploring Security Determinants in Big Data Solutions Adoption

Authors: Khairulliza Ahmad Salleh, Lech Janczewski and Fernando Beltran

Title: Antecedents, Processes and Consequences of Web Assurance Seals: A Meta-Analysis Approach

Authors: Mohammad Salehan, Dan J. Kim and Jae-Nam Lee

Title: Improving Information Security Training: An Intercultural Perspective

Authors: Miloslava Plachkinova and Steven Andrés

Title: I Know It's You: Touch Behavioral Characteristics Recognition on Smartphone Based on Pattern Password

Authors: Yong Liu, Jiafen Liu, Zhangxi Lin, Xubin Luo and Jiang Duan

Title: Understanding Perceived Privacy: A Privacy Boundary Management Model

Authors: Younghoon Chang, Siew Fan Wong and Hwansoo Lee

Title: Studying SCADA Organisations Information Security Goals: An Integrated System Theory Approach

Authors: Suhaila Ismail, Elena Sitnikova and Jill Slay

10. IS/IT Strategy, Leadership, Governance

Title: The Impact of IS-Business Alignment Practices on Organizational Choice of IS-Business Alignment Strategies

Authors: Mazen El-Masri, Jorge Orozco, Ali Tarhini and Takwa Tarhini

Title: Lean Management of IT Organizations: A Literature Review

Authors: Jörn Kobus and Markus Westner

Title: IT Consumerization and its Effects on IT Business Value, IT Capabilities, and the IT Function

Authors: Sebastian Köffer, Erwin Fielt and Bjoern Niehaves

Title: IT Governance as a Higher Order Capability

Authors: Peter Chapman and Bernhard Wieder

Title: Enablers and Consequences of Interfirm Co-Production

Authors: Jen-Her Wu, Tzyh-Lih Hsia and Jia-Zhen Huo

Title: IT Governance and Portfolio Management: An Exploration of the Superior IT Project Investment Portfolios

Authors: Yu-Ju (Tony) Tu, Michael J. Shaw and Ramanath Subramanyam

Title: Paradoxes in the Development of a Business Critical Information System

Authors: Taru Salmimaa, Riitta Hekkala and Samuli Pekkola

11. Electronic and Mobile Business

Title: Determinants of Intention to Use Mobile Value Added Services: The Case of Women-Owned Micro Enterprises in Fiji

Authors: Milind Sathye, Biman Prasad, Parmendra Sharma, Dharmendra Sharma and Suneeta Sathye

Title: Counting Customers in Mobile Business – The Case of Free to Play

Authors: Nicolai Hanner, Konstantin Heppner and Ruediger Zarnekow

Title: Understanding the Role of Commitments in Explaining P2P Lending Investing Willingness: Antecedents and Consequences

Authors: Xinglu Gao, Yueyan Liu, Yiwen Gao, Jianian Zhao, Fangyi Yang and Tao Wang

Title: Consumer’s Revisit Behavior in Online Group-Buying: A Shopping Value Perspective

Authors: Tong Che, Xiabing Zheng, Zeyu Peng, Kai Hin Lim and Zhongsheng Hua

Title: Developing a Conceptual Framework to Evaluate Public B2B E-Marketplaces

Authors: Wiyada Thitimajshima, Vatcharaporn Esichaikul and Donyaprueth Krairit

Title: Can Time Pressure and Discount Strategy of Mobile Coupons Affect Consumers’ Purchase Intention

Authors: Yu-Fan Lin, Ting-Peng Liang, Pei-Lee Teh and Chia-Yin Lai

Title: The Development of Theoretical Framework for In-App Purchasing for the Gaming Industry

Authors: Sandhya Krishnan, Barath Muthu Kumar Balu, Stephen Smith and Vincent Pang

12. Service Science and IS

Title: Mobile Service Co-innovation and Service Performance: A Cross Industry Study

Authors: Jashen Chen, Yi-Chun Chen and Margaret Meiling Luo

Title: Gov2.0: A Service Science Perspective

Authors: Mohammed Aladalah, Yen Cheung and Vincent C.S. Lee

Title: Understanding the Impact of Service Failure and Recovery Justice on Consumers’ Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention

Authors: Sheng-Wen Huang, Yu Wen Hung, Tzu-Wei Fu, Jack Shih-Chieh Hsu and Chao-Min Chiu

13. Human Behavior and IS

Title: Fostering Communication between the Elderly and the Youth with Social Games

Authors: Hai T.T. Nguyen, Tommi Tapanainen, Yin-Leng Theng, Stefan Lundberg and Mika Luimula

Title: Transition from Urge to Excessive Use of Social Networking Sites: The Moderating Role of Self-Control and Accessibility

Authors: Tommy K. H. Chan, Christy M.K. Cheung, Zach W.Y. Lee and Tillmann Neben

Title: Understanding Indigenous People’s Information Practices and Internet Use: A Ngarrindjeri Perspective

Authors: Jia Tina Du, Jelina Haines, Vicky Qiaoling Sun, Helen Partridge and Dandan Ma

Title: Motivations and Obstacles for Seniors to Adopt Social Network Services

Authors: Yuzheng Gu, Ayoung Suh and Lili Liu

Title: Identify the Antecedents of Distrust in a Website

Authors: Jinbi Yang, Choon Ling Sia and Carol Xiaojuan Ou

Title: A Method for the Design of Gamified Trainings

Authors: Remko W. Helms, Rick Barneveld and Fabiano Dalpiaz

Title: Factors Affecting Computer Crime Protection Behavior

Authors: Sirirat Srisawang, Mathupayas Thongmak and Atcharawan Ngramyarn

Title: Developing the Measurement Scale of Information Quality for Social Q&A Sites

Authors: Xiaoning Sun, Yuxiang Zhao and Qinghua Zhu

14. Human Computer Interaction

Title: Temporal Features and Consumer Evaluations of Group-Buying: The Effects of Product Image Zooming

Authors: Candy K. Y. Ho, Kevin K.Y. Kuan and Patrick Y.K. Chau

Title: Population Stereotyped Icons: A Study of Agrarian Communities in India

Authors: Wen Yong Chua, Klarissa Chang and Maffee Peng-Hui Wan

Title: Do Technostress Creators Influence Employee Innovation?

Authors: Shalini Chandra,Shirish C. Srivastava and Anuragini Shirish

Title: Designing Fitness Apps Using Persuasive Technology: A Text Mining Approach

Authors: Duwaraka Yoganathan and Kajanan Sangaralingam

Title: Socially Assistive Robot Enabled Home-Based Care for Supporting People with Autism

Authors: Rajiv Khosla, Khanh Nguyen and Mei-Tai Chu

Title: Towards a Flexible User-Centred Visual Presentation Approach

Authors: Xiaoyan Bai, David White and David Sundaram

15. IS Healthcare

Title: Adoption of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: The Efficiency and Privacy

Authors: He Li, Jing Wu, Ling Liu and Qing Li

Title: Understanding the Disclosure of Private Healthcare Information within Online Quantified Self 2.0 Platforms

Authors: Jun Zhang, Victor Dibia, Alexey Sodnomov and Paul Benjamin Lowry

Title: The Research on the Detection of Noteworthy Symptom Descriptions

Authors: Yu-Ling Chen, Shanlin Chang, San-Yih Hwang and Kai-Sheng Hsieh

Title: Analysing and Using Subjective Criteria to Improve Dental Care Recommendation Systems

Authors: Sojen Pradhan,Valerie Gay and Surya Nepal

Title: Health Data in Cloud Environments

Authors: Doan Hoang and Dang Thanhdat

Title: Developing a Contextual Model towards Understanding Low Back Pain

Authors: Tian Yu Goh, Pari Delir Haghighi, Frada Burstein and Rachelle Buchbinder

Title: Healthcare Analytics Adoption-Decision Model: A Case Study

Authors: Sathyanarayanan Venkatraman, Rangaraja P Sundarraj and Ravi Seethamraju

Title: Designing a Process Model for Health Analytic Projects

Authors: Supunmali Ahangama and Chiang-Choon Danny Poo

Title: What Trigger People Use Physician-Patient Interactive OHCs? An Empirical Research Based Integration Model

Authors: Xixian Peng , Daoyuan Sun , Yuxiang (Chris) Zhao , Wei Xu

16. IS Education and Learning

Title: Using Building Blocks to Construct Effective Learning Objects

Authors: Tanya Linden and Reeva Lederman

Title: Supporting Undergraduate Research: Recommending Personalized Research Projects to Undergraduates

Authors: Yang Liu, Jian Ma, Wei Du, Chen Yang and Zhongsheng Hua

Title: Improving Quality of Feedback Using a Technology-Supported Learning System

Authors: Tass Grigoriou,Christopher Cheong and France Cheong

Title: Case Study on the Enterprise Microblog Usage: Focusing on Knowledge Learning

Authors: Arum Park, Min Su Kang and Kyoung Jun Lee

Title: Perceived Importance of Portfolios in a Smart CV after an Education Reform: An Empirical Analysis

Authors: Terence C.H. Cheung, Thushari Silva, Ron C.W. Kwok and Kitty W. C. Wang

Title: Does Learning from Others in a Classroom Setting Enhance or Damage Creativity?

Authors: Jiazhen Yan, Yaqi Wan, Xuxiaoyi Zheng, Han Xiao, Ka Wing Wong and Wei He

Title: Can Deep Learning Approach Be Virtually Cultivated Via Social Learning Network

Authors: Yunhong Xu, Thushari Silva, Yu Chen, Yuanwei Du and Nanli Zhu

17. IS Implementation, Adoption, and Diffusion

Title: Justifying Shadow IT Usage

Authors: Steffi Haag and Andreas Eckhardt

Title: Anticipated Benefits of Cloud Computing Adoption in Australian Regional Municipal Governments: An Exploratory Study

Authors: Omar Ali, Jeffrey Soar, Hoda McClymont, Jianming Yong and Jit Biswas

Title: Integrating Industry Characteristics in Inter-Organizational IS Adoption Models: A Mixed Method Approach

Authors: Sebastian Zander, Simon Thanh-Nam Trang, Markus Mandrella, Mauricio Marrone and Lutz M. Kolbe

Title: Micro Move of Competitive Internet Technology Diffusion: How Firms’ Actions Could Help?

Authors: Tian Lu, Ping Gao, Cheng Zhang and Chenghong Zhang

Title: Ex-Ante PLM Misfit Analysis Methodology: A Cognitive Fit Approach

Authors: Jen-Her Wu, Shin-Shing Shin, Te-Min Chang, Alok Gupta and Ming-Fu Hsu

Title: The Symbolic Meaning Effect on Smartphone Repurchase: A Comparison of Android and IOS

Authors: Avus C.Y. Hou, Kuo-Long Wu and Rong-An Shang

Title: Examining Technology Perception and User Competence on Two Types of Smartphone Usages

Authors: Seunghun Shin, Namho Chung, Robert J. Hart, Youhee Joun and Chulmo Koo

Title: An Expert View on the Role of Complementary Assets for the Adoption of Smart Home Platforms

Authors: Hannes Kuebel, Nicolai Hanner and Ruediger Zarnekow

Title: Cloud Computing Deployment as a Dual Decision of Discontinuance and Adoption

Authors: Yiyang Bian, Bernie Bengler, J. Leon Zhao, Ji Wu and Liang Liang

Title: Factors Influencing Facebook Users’ Political Participation: Investigating the Cambodian Case

Authors: Sambath Meth, Kyung Young Lee and Sung-Byung Yang

Title: Why do Companies Adopt or Reject SaaS? Looking at the Organizational Aspect

Authors: Ivonne Sartika Mangula, Inge van de Weerd and Sjaak Brinkkemper

Title: Transferring Knowledge from Research to Industry: Experiences from Germany

Authors: Michaela Helbig, Hajo Wiemer and Jens Weller

Title: An Evaluation of Open Source Unit Testing Tools Suitable for Data Warehouse Testing

Authors: Robert Krawatzeck, Anja Tetzner and Barbara Dinter

Title: An Adoption Model of Software as a Service (SaaS) in SMEs

Authors: Thao Phuong Trinh, Cong Hiep Pham and Dieu Tran

Title: Understanding Users’ Acceptance of Competitive Social Media: A Relative Model

Authors: Xiao-Liang Shen, Shun Ma and Yongqiang Sun

18. Social and Organizational Aspects of IS

Title: Organisational Issues in Modelling Business Processes: An Activity-Based Inventory and Directions for Research

Authors: Lalitha Jonnavithula,Pedro Antunes, Jocelyn Cranefield and Jose A. Pino

Title: Negative Spillover of External WOM in Supply Chain Partnership

Authors: Xiaolun Wang, Hong Chen, Cheng Zhang and Hong Ling

Title: Why People Participate in the Sharing Economy: A Social Exchange Perspective

Authors: Jeonghye Kim, Youngseog Yoon and Hangjung Zo

Title: What Influences Employees to Use Enterprise Social Networks? A Socio-Technical Perspective

Authors: Pei Yee Chin, Nina Evans, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo and Felix B. Tan

Title: Concerning Mobile Multitasking Post-Behavior State of Mind

Authors: Eugenia Huang, Shu-Chiung Lin and Chia-Wei Jasmin Guo

19. Enterprise Systems and BPM

Title: Building an Enterprise Ontology of Business Process Crowdsourcing: A Design Science Approach

Authors: Nguyen Hoang Thuan, Pedro Antunes, David Johnstone and Ha Xuan Son

Title: Enterprise Systems Upgrade Drivers: A Technological, Organisational and Environmental Perspective

Authors: Gerald Feldman, Hanifa Shah, Craig Chapman and Ardavan Amini

Title: Enterprise Systems and Customer Agility Exploratory Study in Vietnam

Authors: Thao Phuong Trinh and Dieu Tran

20. General Topics

Title: Towards a Synthesized Decision Support Methodology that Integrates Human Cognition and Data Mining

Authors: Sree Lekha Mekala, Antonette Mendoza and Rachelle Bosua

Title: Impact Aspirations of MIS Journals: An Ontological Analysis

Authors: Ariel La Paz, José M. Merigó Lindahl, Arkalgud Ramaprasad and Thant Syn

Title: A Structure Similarity-based Approach to Malicious Android App Detection

Authors: Gu-Hsin Lai, Yen-Hsien Lee, Tsai-Hsin Chu and Tsang-Hsiang Cheng

Title: The Instigating, Impelling, and Inhibiting Forces in Cyberbullying Perpetration across Gender

Authors: Randy Y.M. Wong, Christy M.K. Cheung, Bo Sophia Xiao and Tommy K.H. Chan

Title: Importance of Literature Profiling: An Archival Analysis with Illustrative Examples for IS Researchers

Authors: Afreen Gaffar, Amrita Deshpande, Wasana Bandara and Paul Mathiesen

Title: An Exploratory Study on the Factors Influencing Managers’ Use of Mobile Tablets

Authors: Edgar Kautzner, Shijia Gao, William Yeoh and Siew Fan Wong

21. Design Science and IS

22. Doctoral Consortium

Title: Security Determinants in the Adoption of Big Data Solutions

Authors: Khairulliza Ahmad Salleh

Title: Essays on Information Security Regulations

Authors: Ping Fan Ke